If you desire a premium portable vaporizer that’s built to last, look no further than the Mighty vaporizer. This convection/conduction hybrid evenly vapes dry herb, works equally well with concentrates and makes some of the thickest vape we’ve seen in a portable vaporizer yet.

Plus it's easy to use making it perfect for both the new and veteran alike. Read below for our full review of the Mighty Vaporizer.

Quick Answer: 

The Mighty is a premium high-end vaporizer that's best in class for vapor quantity. The vapor you get is thick, tasty and dependable every single time. 

Mighty vaporizer in black

Quick Overview of the Mighty Vaporizer

If you’ve used the Volcano, Plenty or Crafty vaporizers before, then you’ll recognize the similarities. That’s because it's made by the same company (Storz & Bickel) responsible for those modern masterpieces.

The Crafty and Mighty are very similar in appearance but the Mighty excels in categories that were drawbacks to the Crafty. The primary one being the Crafty’s short battery life. The Mighty’s fixed this issue with a dual battery system that gives you much longer use time making it highly dependable if you’re leaving your house for the day.

I must say the Mighty’s overall one of the best portable vaporizers I’ve used to date. It's incredibly thick vape, durable construction and long battery life make it top notch in some of the most important categories. And it's easy to transport and share with friends making it a best all around for anyone who wants versatility.

However, while the Mighty is a portable vaporizer, it's on the larger side so it feels uncomfortable in your pocket. I found it's easier to transport it in a jacket, hoody or backpack if you’re on the road or doing something outdoors.

For those who want a top notch portable vaporizer, you can’t go wrong with the Mighty. 

What's in The Kit

  • 1 x Mighty Vaporizer
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Liquid Pad
  • 3x Normal Screens
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Filling Aid
  • 1 x Set of Spare Seal Rings
  • 1 x Storz & Bickel Grinder
  • 1 x User Manual
Mighty vaporizer kit

Highlights and Key Features

  • Works with dry herb & concentrates producing thick clouds and clean flavor 
  • Extra long battery life ~ 90 minutes
  • Heats up in 90 seconds
  • Clear LED screen on the front shows current temperature, temperature it's set on, and battery life
  • Two button temperature control for easy adjusting
  • Full convection & conduction hybrid  
  • Vibrates when it's reached vaping temperature  
  • Pass through vaping - you can immediately begin vaping once it's plugged in

Design and Feel

As soon as you pick the Mighty up, you’ll notice the quality in both weight and feel. And if you’re used to cheap vape pens, the difference is stark. Kind of like picking up a Rolex vs a Timex. The Mighty weighs more, it feels solid, looks elegant and you just know it's built to last.

The size of the Mighty makes it comfortable as a hand held but it's not one of those vapes you can hide in your palm. It’s comparable to an iPhone 6s but about twice as thick.

Packing the Mighty couldn’t be any easier. The bowl holds about 0.3 grams of weed and performs equally with as little as 0.1 grams if you put the concentrate pad on top of your bud. To pack it, you give the top a quick twist and it comes right off revealing the easy access bowl. We found a medium grind works really well with the Mighty for optimal draw and vapor.

mighty vaporizer bowl

Further, the Mighty includes an acrylic grinder and packing tool that packs your bowl perfectly every.single.time. The tool screws onto the bowl and you pack your weed right in for perfect air flow and even vaping. 

The cooling airflow design is another testament to how much thought was put into the Mighty. When you take a draw, your vapor is passed through a long cooling chamber before it ever reaches your lips which results in a cool and smooth vapor. Overall the design and feel of the Mighty is both classy and functional.

Battery Type & Quality

  • Battery type: 2 lithium-ion batteries

  • Replaceable: No

  • Charge duration: 90 minutes

  • Charge time: 2 hours

  • Vape while charging: Yes

How to Use The Mighty Herb Vaporizer

dry herb in hand

Fortunately the Mighty is one of the easiest vaporizers to use, here's how:

  1. Grind your weed to medium fine consistency with the included grinder
  2. Insert the packing tool (included with your purchase)  
  3. Fill your bowl to the recommended height and remove the packing tool
  4. Turn it on with the power button on the left side
  5. Wait 90 seconds for the unit to heat up (it will vibrate when it's ready to go)
  6. Take a draw and enjoy

From the first puff you’ll fall in love with this vaporizer - seriously. We recommend starting around 365-375 degrees since this consistently produces the best vapor. But you’ll probably want to experiment because you may have different tastes than me.

Cleaning the Mighty

The Mighty is one of those vapes you can use for a long time without a deep cleaning. In fact mine didn’t need to be cleaned until after around 20-25 bowls but I’ve heard some people waiting as long as 100 bowls before cleaning. However, I don't recommend that because you'll start to notice the vape quality and flavor diminishing significantly.

For a deep cleaning, the top comes apart into 3 pieces which easily snap apart and back together. This is also where the o-rings can be replaced if needed. An extra sets included and they should last for a long time before you have to replace them.

To empty the chamber after your vape session, you just unscrew the top, dump your product and brush it out (brush included). It's super simple and takes all of 2 seconds. This is one of the easiest vapes to clean since all parts that need cleaning are concentrated in the top which comes off and can also be replaced.

Mighty Vaporizer Quality and Experience

woman blowing vapor from mighty vaporizer

Honestly, I can’t say enough about how good this vaporizer is. I was pleasantly surprised with how much vapor I got from every rip and how it stayed consistent to the end. The clouds were similar to some of the premium desktop vaporizers we’ve tried which is highly impressive for a portable unit.

On average, I got about 10-15 draws per bowl and found that the best vape was produced with longer pulls. If you inhale for 10+ seconds on each hit you’ll be impressed with the level of vape that comes out. Further, the vapor runs through a unique cooling chamber so it's cool and smooth when it hits your lips. This completely removed harshness and enhanced the flavor to intense levels.

While you can change the temperature settings to be as high or low as you want, I personally found the sweet spot to be around 365-375 F with a medium-fine grind weed. This yielded the best combination of thick hits and mouthwatering flavors. Higher temps may get you slightly bigger clouds but you lose a lot of the flavor qualities at those temperatures.

The vaping consistency is extremely dependable with the Mighty as well. No matter what temperature you use, the color of the used material is always even which means the product is consistently vaped (instead of burned). This is important because it's not only healthier to avoid combustion, but you also get more life from your weed.

I also never had any issues with the battery dying thanks to the 90 minute charge it holds.

mighty vaporizer front view

However, a drawback to the Mighty is that the charger doesn't use a standard USB so you’ll want to ensure it's fully charged before leaving your house for the day. Like I said, we didn’t have any issues but it's good to know. 

To extend the battery life, Mighty’s included an auto shut off feature that kicks in after just one minute. Personally, I felt this was too quick but I was able to get around it by tapping the power button which resets the timer.

The Mighty also has a feature that monitors the temperature of the vaporizer and keeps it on while using. It works by measuring the temp of your bowl and, as you inhale, the bowl cools so the sensor knows you’re using it. In theory it's a great feature but in practice it doesn’t work every time. I generally just tap the power button to keep it going which isn't a big deal.   

If you’re unfortunate enough to have the battery die, you'll be happy to know the Mighty has immediate pass through vaping. You can plug it into the wall to instantly begin vaping  (and the battery will continue charging while you’re using it).

The Mighty has has quickly become one of my favorite go to vaporizers. Every time I use it I’m pleased with the experience and reminded of how just how great this thing is.


  • check
    Extremely good vapor quality that's flavorful and cloudy
  • check
    2 Year warranty included so if anything goes wrong, you're covered
  • check
    90 minute long battery life that won't leave you hanging 
  • check
    Works as a group vaping unit if you prefer to share with friends 
  • check
    Full temperature control so you can find your ideal setting and vapor production
  • check
    Stylish LED screen on the front so you can check temperature and battery life 
  • check
    Super easy to pack, empty and clean 
  • check
    Cooling vapor path drastically reduces harshness and increases flavor 
  • check
    Vibrates to tell you when its reached vaping temperature 
  • check
    Evenly vapes your weed - no burnt sides or stirring required


  • Doesn't use a standard USB charger
  • Heavy - weighs about 240 grams 
  • close
    Slow heat up time at about 90 seconds 
  • close
    Battery can't be detached and replaced 


The Mighty vaporizer is one of the absolute best portable vaporizers. It's always fun using it, it works with both dry herb and concentrates, the flavor is outstanding and you get thick vapor until the last rip. Add that onto the extra long battery life and two year warranty and this is likely the only vaporizer you’ll need for a very long time.

Where to Buy The Mighty

We searched high and low for the best price and shipping. You can buy the Mighty right now for $349.99 with Free shipping below.

Mighty vaporizer in black small

Mighty Vaporizer $349.99

The Mighty is sleek, durable and makes some of the best vapor we've seen in a portable.