The G Pen Pro is an affordable convection vaporizer with 3 heat settings, a ceramic bowl and stealthy design. As you may already know, we love convection because it's less likely to combust your dry herb since it's not sitting directly on the coil. This means you get more pure vapor, there’s less parts that need replacing and overall your vaping experience is better. 

Quick Answer: 

The G Pro is a good option as a budget vaporizer that's built to withstand a few years of punishment. It uses convection heat for evenly vaping your product, the bowl's ceramic for even heating and it holds a decent battery charge for on the go sessions. 


What's in your G Pro Kit

  • 1 x G Pen Pro vaporizer
  • 1 x Mouthpiece 
  • 1 x Micro USB charger 
  • 5 x Replacement screens
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 2 x Long mouthpiece covers
  • 3 x Short mouthpiece covers
  • 1 x G Card grinder
  • 1 x Instruction manual
G pro kit

About the G Pro  

The G Pro dry herb vaporizer is a smaller and simpler version of the G Pen ELITE. It features a smaller bowl than the ELITE (about .4 -.5 gm vs the .7 gm ELITE) and makes a nice little portable for low profile vaping on a budget.

As I mentioned before, the G Pen is a conduction style vaporizer which means your weed is never in direct contact with the heating coils. This way your experience is more of a true vape rather than a half-vape and half-burn you get with a lot of cheaper options. Additionally, the bowl's ceramic leading to more even heat distribution which helps you get more bang from your weed.

Beyond the great packaging and presentation, another coolness factor is that Snoop Dogg endorses this vaporizer and the rest of the G Pen line. This may not add the the quality of the pen, but it doesn’t hurt the reputation.

For free shipping and the full 1 year warranty, you can pick the G Pro up from VaporWorld for $89.95.

Highlights Of the G Pro

  • 3 easy heat settings: Red (320 F), green (380 F) and blue (420 F)

  • Ceramic bowl for even heat distribution and convection

  • Easy to use, you just click the button 5 times to turn it on and you’re ready to start vaping

  • Small and portable enough to be discreet in your hand and pocket

  • Works well with dry herb

  • Sells for just $89.95


The G Pro is simple and easy to use for the “on the go” device. At the current price, it's not the cheapest portable vaporizer but you’re getting one that’s actually going to last you for a while. Most of the portable’s lower than this tend to break relatively quick and with that in mind, it's a good deal.

Overall design and feel

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get your G Pro is the clean packaging. It comes in a sleek little black cylinder that almost reminds you of apple style branding. Upon taking it out, you open the inside cylinder which houses your vape pen, directions and the rest of the accessories for your G Pro.

Once you pick it up, you’ll notice it fits snugly in your palm and has a smooth to the touch exterior. It's also small enough to fit in your pocket and you don’t have to worry about about bending or breaking because of it's compact and durable build.

I felt like the bowl was decent sized for one person (fitting between 0.4 and 0.5 grams per pack) and maybe two but really this feels like a personal vaporizer rather than one you’d share. On average I’d get about 8-10 big rips per bowl so you could have a sesh with someone else but you’ll have to repack it often.

Battery Life

The battery was decent for the price range and generally lasted about 60 minutes per charge. A few of the cons with the battery, though, are that it doesn’t have pass through vaping so you can't vape when it's on the charger and the battery doesn’t disconnect so you can’t pop in a backup when it dies. On the positive side though, you can charge it with the included micro usb which charges the battery in just over an hour.

Vapor Quality and Overall Experience

The vapor quality from the G Pro is decent in both quantity and quality. While its not as good as one of higher end vaporizers like the Pax 3 or Firefly 2, that’s to be expected because those are also 3x more money so I can’t take any points off for that. Being that it's a convection rather that conduction vaporizer, it gains some points for evenly vaping your weed without burning.

The primary drawbacks to the G Pro are that the vapor comes out hot making it slightly harsher and causing a little more coughing. Also, the mouthpiece gets hot on your lips so you’ll definitely want to use the mouthpiece covers to protect yourself.

Regarding the flavor, it's mediocre. The first few rips had a plastic taste right out of the box so, in hindsight, I would clean it before you use it the first time and run a burn off cycle. This should eliminate that flavor and help you taste the herb more.

When you get past that initial taste, you’ll find the flavor of your weed is just okay. You can taste the terpenes but it's not as strong as I had hoped.

To get the best vape from the G Pro, you’ll want to medium-fine grind the weed when filling the bowl so it's tight but not super packed down. I found this gives you the best draw with the least resistance and biggest clouds.

And a pro tip to get the most bang for your buck is to start a fresh bowl on the lowest temp setting, then turn it to medium about half way through and high towards the end. I found this helps you fully vape the weed and get the most rips from each bowl. 


  • check
    Compact and lightweight design for stealthy vaping
  • check
    You won't have to replace anything other than screens for a long time 
  • check
    Auto shut off to preserve your weed 
  • check
    One button vaping so its super easy to use 
  • check
    Easy air flow and draw so you don't have to suck hard for good hits 
  • check
    Decently priced for the quality of the built 


  • Moderate taste profile 
  • Mouthpiece and vape get hot
  • close
     Can't be used while charging
  • close
    The smell is reduced a lot but it does smell like weed a little 

Is the G Pro Worth the Money?

Yes and no. If you’re relatively new to vaping and you’re on a budget, then yes this is a good purchase for the money. It's durable, dependable and really does vaporize your weed. Further, most people who use the G Pro like it and get several years use from it making it a dependable purchase. However, if you’re a more distinguished vaper, you really, really care about quality flavor and you have the money, spring for a higher end vape pen like the Pax 3 or Firefly 2.

Where to Buy The G Pro


G Pro Vaporizer $89.95

The G Pro is a compact portable vaporizer that's no fuss and ready in a moments notice.