The G Pen vaporizer is a handy little vape pen that’s discreet enough to cup in your hand while powerful enough to put out big flavors and hits. It’s designed for wax and concentrates, features a ceramic chamber at the bottom for even heating and heats up instantly for quick and discreet vapes.

We’ve reviewed the G Pen based on features that count in a portable vaporizer including: Design and feel, build quality, battery quality and life, cleaning, ease of use and a few other things. Let's get started. 

Quick Answer: 

The G Pen is a high quality concentrate vaporizer built for wax, shatter and butters among other dense concentrates. It puts out amazing flavor, nice clouds and overall its a very reliable and inexpensive vaporizer. 

g pen vaporizer black

Quick Overview 

My overall impression of the pen is that it's easy to use - you just click the power button 5 times to turn it on and you can immediately start vaping. I got the best hits with long and drawn out pulls up to the 10 second mark (atomizer turns off at 10 seconds). The battery life is great, it's easy to clean and scores high marks on user experience from the very beginning. 


The G Pen is a discreet vaporizer that’s just over 5 inches long so it's easy to hide in your hand and looks like a standard e-cig pen so nobody’s going to think anything of it.

The outside has a soft rubber finish that doesn’t reflect light but it does have a soft blue light around the button and base of the battery. This light isn’t bright like some of the other one's I’ve seen but if you’re vaping at night you may want to cup it. 

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Vaping Capabilities

The G Pen (this one) is designed specifically for concentrates like wax, butter and shatter. It works really well for these but you’ll want to keep your liquids and dry herbs out of the chamber. If you prefer vaping herbs or liquids, you may want to look into the other G Pens (featured at bottom of this post).

Likes & Dislikes 

What I like about the G Pen is that it's easy to use, powerful and gives great vapor quantity and quality. It's one of the best vapor pens I’ve used so far (top 5 for sure).

What I don’t like is the fact that you have to buy new tanks often if your concentrates aren't clean.

Waxes and butters that leave residue will build up on the coil causing it to burn out faster and you’ll get stuck replacing them more than you want to. However, you have to replace all pen atomizers so it's not exactly unexpected. With a clean concentrate, you’ll get about 4-6 weeks out of each atomizer. 

Whats in The Kit

  • G Pen Vaporizer

  • G Battery

  • G Coil

  • Mouthpiece

  • G Tool

  • G Charging Kit

  • 2x Glass Containers

  • User Manual

g pen vaporizer kit

Highlights and Key Features 

  • Works with concentrates like wax, butter and shatter

  • On demand heating

  • Charges in 30-45 minutes and 2 hour battery life

  • Replaceable atomizers

  • Small and lightweight so it's easy to bring along

  • Great flavor quality and large clouds from a small package

  • Decent price makes it a perfect option for those on a budget

Design and Feel 

The design of the G Pen is really nice. It feels solid in your hand without being heavy and features a soft rubber coating on the outside. What I like about the coating is that it doesn’t reflect light when you’re vaping on the low and it's moderately scratch resistant when you put it in your pocket with keys and change.

The power button is a polished metal which gives it a more classy look compared to many of the other cheap pens I’ve used in the past.

The button also has a soft blue light behind it when it's powered on which adds a level of elegance to the vaporizer. 

guy vaping

The atomizer contains a ceramic chamber inside which I like because ceramic tends to heat up faster, more evenly, and extends the life of your product. The flavor remains pungent the whole time and you won’t have any problems with burning or scorched taste.

I found the atomizer to be easy to load (just as easy as most 3 piece vape pens). Your kit comes with a G tool which is just a little metal scoop for loading your material.

To load it, you just put your scoop in the chamber and gently nudge it down to the coil. You do need to be careful to keep the tool off the coil though since it can be damaged if you’re not careful. 

For cleaning the G Pen, it's pretty easy because the atomizers are disposable after a while. The only part you really have to clean is the mouthpiece which has a screen (below) that gets build up.

g pen vaporizer mouthpiece in black

So every once in a while you’ll want to soak it in some alcohol and water for a few and then rinse it off. Other than that you’ll exchange the atomizer every month or two and be fine. 

Overall the G Pen’s super easy to use and designed to be both classy and discreet without sacrificing on build quality.

How to Use The G Pen 

Like I said before, the G Pen is extremely easy to use. The only tip is to be careful when loading your chamber with the G tool since it can damage the coil if pressed down too hard.

  1. Load the concentrate on the G tool
  2. Open the atomizer by unscrewing the mouthpiece from the top
  3. Push you wax down in the chamber towards the wick and coil - being careful not to agitate the metal coil
  4. Screw the mouthpiece back on and click the power button 5 times to turn the pen on
  5. Once turned on, hold down the power button and begin drawing 

The vapor is produced on demand so you don’t have to wait for the coil to heat. But the pen does feature a 10 second shut off on the atomizer so your best results are with long 10 second draws. 

Vapor Quality 

The vapor quality from the G Pen was surprisingly good. I was able to get both big clouds and great flavor coming through from the first hit.

Additionally, the flavors really displayed nicely and with every hit I could taste the terpenes coming through.

g pen black

However, you will notice that as your atomizer gets older and gets a little build up the flavor will begin to suffer slightly. But at this point you should probably replace it anyway right? 

You may be surprised by the lack of harshness that comes out of the G Pen as well. Typically when the chamber and mouthpiece are this close together the vapor doesn’t have time to cool and, as a result, the vapor comes out hot and harsh. However, the steel vapor path does a nice job of cooling it down quickly.   

Overall the quality of the vapor from this pen is great.

Battery and Portability

The battery life on the G Pen was great. The first time you get it you’ll have to charge it fully before using. This takes a few hours but after that it only takes 30-45 minutes to charge. On average I got between 1.5 and 2 hours of use per charge.

  • Battery type: Lithium Ion 850 mAh
  • Replaceable: yes
  • Charge duration: 90-120 minutes
  • Charge time: 30-45 minutes
  • Charge Type: USB 


  • check
    Strong hits from a small vape pen 
  • check
    Great battery life (1.5-2 hours easily)
  • check
    Wonderful flavor tasted in every hit 
  • check
    On demand heating with a simple one button interface that's super easy to use 
  • check
    Classy design that's discreet and easy to keep on the down low 
  • check
     Ceramic bowl for even heating of your material 
  • check
    Currently a very affordable vape pen 


  • Doesn't work with dry herbs or liquids
  • Atomizers have to be replaced

Other G Pen Models 

1. G Pen Blends - Specifically for herbs

2. G Pen Hookah - Specifically for liquids


The G Pen is a great budget pen vaporizer that I would absolutely recommend if you’re vaping concentrates. I really enjoy the flavor profiles that come through each time you hit it. And while the flavor will slightly diminish over time, this is an indicator to replace the atomizer which is necessary for full enjoyment.

The quantity of the vapor was surprising given the small size of the unit but it had no problem blazing concentrates that need high temperatures and doing it quickly. 

Further, the build of the unit is well thought out. It’s solid (but not heavy) and has a soft rubber finish that’s both durable and discreet. Overall the vaporizer was easy to use and something I would absolutely recommend.

Where to Buy The G Pen

g pen vaporizer kit

G Pen Vaporizer $69.95

The G Pen is a quality wax and concentrate vaporizer for a great price.