The Firefly 2 is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market - and for good reason. It's sleek design, durable build and quality vapor make it one of the best vaporizers available. But its not without it's drawbacks so we’ll go in depth to look at the pros and cons of this pure convection vaporizer below. 

Quick Answer: 

The Firefly 2 is powerful. You get mouth watering vape, it heats up in 3 seconds for on demand vaping, its surprisingly smooth, compact, easy to clean, low odor and comes with two batteries right out of the box. Overall, its a top notch vape pen in a powerful little package.

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About The Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The Firefly 2 is the second iteration of the original Firefly which was highly anticipated after the original Firefly. It's palm sized, convenient, and features a small pack bowl that fits about 0.1 to 0.2 grams. From each bowl you’ll get about 5-10 good pulls full of flavorful smooth vapor. And the overall design and quality of the Firefly 2 makes it a low odor, easy to carry and user friendly.

Who is The Firefly 2 For? 

The Firefly 2 is an expensive vaporizer but you get what you pay for. That being said, if you’re occasional or new, this may not be worth the money. Because what sets the Firefly 2 apart is it's conservation of product, easy use, quality vapor and extremely flavorful pulls. And if you’re new to vaping, you may not fully appreciate those qualities in which case a cheaper vape pen might be a better option for you.

What Can You Vape With The Firefly 2

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The Firefly 2 performs equally well with concentrates and dry herb which is great because choosing one or the other can be a drag. The box includes 3 “concentrate pads” which are little wire pads you place in the bowl. Once you put a dab of concentrate on them you’ll get approximately 5 high quality pulls (about 10 seconds per pull). Just make sure to set the Firefly to the concentrate setting for full clouds and flavor.

As I mentioned before, the Firefly 2 really stands out with its quality flavor. All the materials are food safe and odorless meaning you only taste the vapor rather than metal and chemicals.

Additionally, the vaporizer performs outstandingly well with dry herb producing between 5-10 long and slow hits per bowl. It's designed for single person use so the bowl is small but this also cuts down on waste and helps you conserve product.

Firefly 2 Battery Life

One great feature about the firefly that’s not included with something like the Pax vaporizers, is that the battery is removable so you can replace it if you need to. And an extra battery comes included in the pack so you automatically have a backup.

As far as charging goes, the battery takes about 45 minutes to fully charge (20 minutes for an 80% charge) and generally lasts for 7-8 sessions. I found that by charging up the first and second battery I was able to bring the Firefly on longer trips and charge one while using the other. It also helps if you get a car charger to keep it full on the road ($30.00 here). 

Temperature Controls and Flexibility

Like most premium vaporizers, the Firefly 2 has multiple heat settings. However, unlike most vaporizers the Firefly can be controlled using the Bluetooth connected app on your smartphone (app works with both iOS and Android phones).

There’s 5 temperature settings for dry herb ranging from low (340 F) to high (420 F) and an additional concentrate setting that’s 500 F. The concentrate setting works really well for waxy concentrates that are harder to burn at lower temperatures. For dry herb, we found the medium-high (400 F) to produce the best vape and flavor combination.

Firefly 2 Vapor Quality and Waste Report

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Overall, the vapor quality is what you’d expect from a premium vaporizer. To get the best vapes, the draw speed is somewhat regulated so you can’t take quick and hard rips from the bowl. Rather, it's designed to keep you sipping with long and steady pulls of about 10 seconds each.

The clouds aren’t as thick with this method but you get the highest flavor and maximal THC from your product. If you're chasing clouds though, you can achieve it by setting your pen on high and turning the power tuning up above 100% on the app. While the flavor will diminish slightly with this setting, it does produce thicker clouds.

The vape path itself is made from glass which gently cools the vapor while keeping it completely unadulterated and resulting in a smooth inhale with little to no coughing.

One amazing quality about this vape is the “heating on demand” feature. I’ll be honest though, I was a little leery about it at first because the Pax 2 had a similar feature. It would control the vape heat as you drew from the pen which I found to be inconvenient.

However, all worries were put to rest with the Firefly 2. To use the pen, you place your fingers on the sensors located on either side and begin drawing. The vape is truly on demand and begins working immediately so you don’t have to wait the usual 15 - 60 seconds for the pen to get hot.

Once you remove your fingers, it immediately turns off which eliminates any wasted bud. Another testament to the Firefly’s quality is how you pack the bowl. With most pens you have to finely grind your weed. However, the Firefly’s so efficient that you can break your bud up by hand (more coarse) and pack it in. In fact, grinding your weed finely will make no noticeable difference in the vapor quality and restrict the airflow.

Overall, the quality, flavor, zero waste and convenience of the Firefly 2 make it top notch in our book.

Durability Report

The Firefly 2 is lighter and smaller than the original Firefly vape pen due to its lightweight magnesium alloy casing. It's about 5 inches long and fits perfectly in your palm and pocket. Its on par with many vape pens with weight and while it's noticeable in your pocket, it's not big enough to get in the way.

The rest of the pen is made from food safe, odorless materials such as the vape path which is borosilicate glass. One thing to note is that the outside feels hard and durable but the finish feels like it could be scratched by the keys in your pocket.

This isn’t necessarily a big deal because, if you’re like us, you’ll bring your vape everywhere so some scratching is inevitable. But if this bothers you then you may want to consider the Pax 3 which is more scratch resistant. 

Overall the build quality is solid and its built to last. 

Is the Firefly Easy to Clean? 

One thing we always consider with portable vaporizers is how easy they are to clean. With the Firefly 2 we found that you begin getting buildup after about 5 sessions. It's not terribly noticeable but we did have to quick clean it often. Since the path is glass, it was easy to take a wipe with some isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the bowl area and lid. 

It's totally flat so there’s no ridges to catch your wipe or get in the way. All together It takes about 10 seconds so it really isn't a big deal.

As far as screens go, there’s one in the mouthpiece for catching debris so you’ll want to check this regularly if you notice resistance on the draw. The mouthpiece is detachable so you can just pop it off and clean it out. Also, you might want to consider getting a few extra screens when you buy the Firefly 2 just to have them on hand.

Overall Performance and Rating

The Firefly 2 performed above expectations on all categories. Regarding flavor, the vapors clean and you can taste all the subtle notes and fragrances of your flower making this the best flavor pen we've tested. 

The battery performance was on the high average side and with the quick charging time and extra battery you shouldn’t have any issues with it dying. We also love that the batteries changeable so you can swap it out for another any time. 

The smoothness of the vape was also top notch due to the cool glass pathway and the mouthpiece being set back away from the bowl allowing maximal cool time. For traveling and outdoor adventures our favorite vape pen is still the pax 3. Mainly because of the Pax's long battery life and scratch resistant surface. However, the Firefly 2 fits in your palm and pocket very well, it's discreet and produces low odor making it a close runner up for travel. 


  • check

    Heats up in 3 seconds so you don’t have to wait to vape

  • check

    Includes two batteries that only take 45 minutes to full charge

  • check

    Quality magnesium alloy body is both lightweight and durable

  • check
    Produces the best flavor of any portable vaporizer
  • check
    Very low odor vape  so you can be stealthy 
  • check
    Works great with concentrates (3 little concentrate pads are included)
  • check
    Great vape quality that’s smooth and fragrant
  • check
    Easy to clean glass pathway can be wiped clean in seconds
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    Distance between the mouthpiece and bowl allow the vape to cool which reduces coughing and harshness
  • check
    Mobile app so you can control the heat settings
  • check

    Touch sensor activated which completely eliminates wasted bud


  • The draw resistance is designed to keep you inhaling slowly which may be bothersome if you’re a cloud chaser 

  • Exterior feels like it can be scratched relatively easily

  • close

    You need to stir the bowl half way through (after about 3-4 hits)

  • close

    You can’t vape from the firefly when it's charging

Conclusion: Is The Firefly 2 Worth The Investment? 

Absolutely. If you’re in the market for a premium portable vaporizer with minimal waste, excellent flavor and long lasting durability, this is a dependable choice. And while you could opt for cheaper vaporizers, the Firefly’s build quality is solid performance is a better investment. Most of the cheaper pens I’ve bought break within a year, wast my weed and just plain haven’t been as fun to use. So if you’re planning on vaping often, spring for the Firefly 2 and you won’t regret it.

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firefly 2 vaporizer in red

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